Hey, hey lovelies !

Today I went all around town just looking at some cute stores and thought I would do an outfit of the day as I’m in love with this colourful outfit!


The top: Ice
I’m honestly obsessed with stripes this winter! My go to print!

The skirt: The Japanese Style
This is the most gorgeous little skirt I have ever seen! The pastel pink is so sweet and goes with pretty much anything!

The shoes: Peter Morrissey
Just bought these and are to die for! Holy wow!


The watch: Myer


In the full image of my outfit you couldn’t really see my fabulous choker, it’s a cute little pretzel, it’s absolutely adorable! It is from groovy chokers for $6.50! Which is the cheapest chokers I’ve seen.

Hopefully you love this outfit as much as I do. I love mixing patterns with my outfits, it makes them look so much more exciting and interesting.

Love, Chelsea x

Find the stores on instagram: @groovychokers and @thejapanesestyle


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