Spring Haul!

Hey there gals!

It has been very requested that I do a haul on what I have bought within the past week or so. I must admit I have bought a fair few things so here we go!

I just thought I might add this blog post is not me trying to brag but I know I love to look at what other people have bought in different seasons and what colours they’re buying, and what not so here is what I have bought:

The first item most of you have probably already seen as I have posted them on my Instagram. White Haze sandals…

I bought them at Payless shoes for $30! I had been eyeing of a very similar pair somewhere else for a much dearer price so luckily I stumbled across these bad boys! They go with pretty much everything so they were basically a must!

The next item is a mono mosaic check skirt.



This skirt I thought was a really fun and cute alternative to the plain coloured chord skirts that most girls own. (Which I still love!) I have the plain black one which goes with absolutely everything! I bought the check skirt at Dissh for $45. The brand is Burans which I am loving!

The third item is the ‘Anywhere For You’ top.


It screams boho and indie which I though was a really easy piece to have as all you need is some simple jeans or shorts to make the outfit complete as the top has a lot of detailing on its own. I bought this top also from Dissh for $40. The brand is Noughts and Crosses.

The fourth item is an off the shoulder navy lace dress which I showed a little preview to yesterday on Instagram.



I fell in love with this dress as soon as I saw it! It’s just so simple and elegant which is perfect for going out to dinner. I bought this dress from Melrose Ave for $60. The brand is Paradise Co.

The fifth item is some cute navy blue pyjama shorts.

They’re super comfortable and are perfect for going to friends houses! Instead of wearing your old ragged PJs! The only thing I would say is get one size bigger than you usually would as they are a smaller fit! These are from Cotton On Body for $15.

The last item I bought a few weeks back but I am going to share with you anyway! A creme and tan kardashian Wallet.

The photos a little dodgy… Oops! My favourite handbag and wallet brand this year would definitely have to be Kardashian Kollection which you can buy at Strandbags. So why not get a KK wallet to go with my KK bag? Seems like a match made in heaven!

The colours I am loving at the moment are whites and cremes with navy or denim. I am also loving the brand Noughts and Crosses with their indie type theme. You can purchase their clothing from Dissh!
I hope you enjoyed my haul and can get some kind of inspiration from my purchases for your next shopping mission!

Lots of love,
Chelsea xx


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