The Big Wardrobe Dilemma!

As a teenager in this day and age you are basically obliged to have those meltdowns where there is ‘absolutely nothing in your huge closet to wear’ or ‘everything looks absolutely disgusting on me’ kind of days. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about! So I’m here to give you a few tips on how to avoid these dilemmas easily…


1. The first tip would definitely be plan your outfits prior!
This makes the day that you are going out to be a lot calmer and pretty much stress free. It also gives you a lot more time to think about your outfit and how to make it perfect.

2. Always try to stay as positive as you can.
Some of the worst preparation days would definitely have to be the days where you are hating on yourself. ‘I look so fat…’ ‘I hate this outfit!’ ‘Why do I look so bad?!’ Is exactly what ruins the entire night. Stay calm, remember you are beautiful and get back to getting ready girl!


3. Always start getting ready a little before you think you need to.
There’s nothing worse than rushing out the door finishing off your makeup as you walk out. Even if you finish early, you then have time to relax with no stress!

4. The last step is enjoy it!
Getting ready can be a pain sometimes but most little girls favourite things to do is play with their mums makeup and high heels. Now you get to enjoy the reality of wearing heels (and them actually fitting) and putting on some makeup and not looking like a clown!

It’s a sacred time before going out somewhere for all girls… So enjoy it!

Much love,
Chelsea xx


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