Little Organic love!

Hey girls!

I recently received a package from Little Organic and wanted to share my review on their products.

One of the first products is: The Coffee Scrub

Their are many of these types of scrubs now, but this scrub makes your skin feel so hydrated and silky. All you need to do is apply to dry areas and rub firmly into the skin until it is dry. After you have rinsed off you are left with nothing but soft skin as it scrubs away all your dead skin cells!

Bath Detox Salts…
Wow! This mixture smells amazing and does so much for your body! Soak in this for 15-20 minutes and you’ll feel so refreshed and healthy. It draws all the bad toxins into the water and out of your system! Which perfectly pairs with a detox.


I just love Little organic all their products are filled with natural and organic ingredients creating a healthy routine for in the morning before school or work or at night just before you go to bed!



Check out their store today!
Instagram: @little_organic

Much love,
Chelsea xx


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