What I Got For Christmas!

Hey lovelies,

Hope you’ve all had a very merry Christmas spent with friends and family. Also got some cute presents too! I know myself, I love looking at what other people got for Christmas so I thought I would show you what I got from my family. I am so thankful for all the presents I received and am definitely not trying to brag. But if you get offended by these types of things please just don’t read.

The first thing I got was something I have been wanting for absolutely ages! The Rose gold Marc Jacobs baker watch:


I am fully in love with this stunning piece! Will literally be wearing it forever…

The next thing I got was a beach rug / towel


It’s a really cute roll out rug for tanning or just sitting on the beach.

The next present I got was a huge pastel yellow beach bag! I will definitely be using this a lot this summer!


This little product is something I never would of thought of getting myself but as soon as I opened it I knew I would use it a bunch!

The Milk Bath by The Body Shop, you just add one tablespoon of the powder into your bath and it soothes and moisturises your skin. Which is perfect for me as I have very dry skin!

Once again, my family knows I always complain about how dry my skin is especially on my legs so my mum bought me this AMAZING TOOL!

I know it seems like such an odd gift but I really thought this would be so cool to try out, as I had seen it in a shop before and said how much I wanted it! It’s a razor (to shave your legs) but at the same time as shaving it also moisturises your legs! I just thought this was so different! I needed it in my life…

The next thing I got was the Kim Kardashian perfume.

It’s smells so beautiful and I love the Kardashians so it’s perfect!

Another Body Shop product what a suprise!?

These are the perfect gifts for anyone really as there is a flavour to suit everyone! I got the Japanese Cherry Blossom which smells so fresh and delicious.

Everyone knows that I have a bit of an obsession with my polaroid and love collecting all the polaroid pictures! So I also received a white polaroid picture album so I can keep all my pictures safe.



I also got some lollies! I wasn’t going to include this but I got it on Christmas so may as well add it in!


The next thing I got was a Maybelline Essentials Value Pack, just with 3 of their makeup bag essentials…


Im obsessed with being organised so my family picked out some cute stationary for me. A weekly planner, some adorable printed sticky notes and a stamp with my name on it! How cute!


I’m not a big jewellery person so none of my family ever tends to get me good jewellery unless it’s a watch, but my mum found some rose gold studs for me and I’m in love with them! They match my watch and are just so subtle and classy.


Another thing I got was a large clutch from Collette. This pattern is so unique and edgy which I’m obsessed with…


Collette is one of my favourite shops so of course I got something else from the heavenly store… A pack of three pouches. Which I think I will use for makeup bags and sectioning things off in my purse.

They’re such a cute mix of vibrant and monochrome which is so gorgeous!

My iPad case prior to Christmas was pretty much dead so I got a gorgeous new tan case. Which reminds me a lot of Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume.



Now onto some clothing, these are just laying down flat so I’m sorry that the pictures aren’t the best!

The first clothing item is a pair of white lace shorts, I think they are so feminine without being too dressy which is perfect!


Going along with the White theme I also got a top and shorts set which are so on trend right now.


The midriff Lacey type top and shorts (which looks like a skirt) match so cute together!

I am loving off the shoulder tops at the moment so my last 2 presents are off the shoulder tops because they are so lovely and simple.



So that is what I got for Christmas. I am so grateful for everything that I received and love every present! I was definitely spoilt and didn’t know what I was getting at all this year so many thanks to all my family and friends who bought me the presents and hope everyone had a bright and festive Christmas!

Much love,
Chelsea xx


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