A little bit of a catch up + ootd

Hey girls,

A lot of you probably noticed that i hadn’t posted on my instagram for a couple of days and so many people were wondering what had happened. I was blocked from my account because they said they needed to verify my information, I’m pretty positive they thought I was a fake account of some sort! It took a lot of emails but finally I tried logging in this afternoon and it just let me in! YAYY! It was so scary because I had just reached 2k and I thought I would have to start all over again… Which I was not keen for at all.

Anyway enough about my account, I got it back so onto my ootd which is actually from Boxing Day! But I needed to post something, I missed it all so much and I was only off it all for 4 days! The photos aren’t amazing but I love this outfit.


Off the shoulder top – Ally
Leather shorts – Dotti
Watch – Marc Jacobs
Shoes – Payless shoes

The outfit is so simple but I really love the effortless look it gives off. Also it’s so perfect for Boxing Day as its really comfortable…

Hope you liked this little post!

Much love,
Chelsea xx


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