Get to know me! Q & A

Hello lovelies thought it was time for another Q & A just so you all know a little bit more about me + they are so fun to do!
Let’s get into it…


Would you rather lick a hobos foot or be in a cage with a tiger? Good question Cassidy!
Lick a hobos foot? These questions are starting off kind of weird!

What is your favourite shop?
Ahhh that’s such a hard question! I love so many shops but probably Universal Store, City Beach, Mishkah and Mura!

Do you like the 1975?
No not really… Have never really taken interest to them. Sorry girls!

What is your favourite animal?
Bunnies and dogs! I loveee pugs!

What inspires your fashion?
I think definitely other people’s blogs and instagram pages! I scroll through my feed all the time and get inspiration for posts and outfits.

What is your favourite tea?
English Breakfast by far!

Any pets?
Yes! I have 2 dogs, Holli and Sophie. Holli is a cavoodle and Sophie is a Maltese Shitzu.

What annoys you the most?
I would have to say people who walk slow at shopping centres. I’m always so eager to shop and these people are just out for a stroll and I’m like “move losers!” Ahahaha!

Who is your inspiration?
I love Kim Kardashian and Sarah Ellen they are so perfect and have a killer sense of style.

Favourite trend?
Denim skirts with midriffs! They are just so summery! I love em’

Favourite piece of clothing?
Would have to be my new denim skirt I just bought from Universal. Who wants to see a haul?

Least favourite trend?
I haven’t seen too many ugly trends lately but maybe shift dresses? I really am sick of seeing them!

Favourite High fashion Brand?
Some people may say it’s not high fashion but I’m really loving Evil Twin the label.

Favourite non clothing store?

Do you plan on travelling in the future? If so, where?
Yes! Absolutely! I dream of going to Greece and all over Europe…

Do you have an over compressive obsession?
I definitely do, before I go to bed I have to shut all my cupboards and wardrobe properly or it annoys me and I will have to get up and shut them. Very weird I know!

Do you watch Dance Moms?
I think I’ve watched an episode before but not much. Everyone says it’s hilarious so I might start watching it!

Favourite band and singer? Are you in a fandom?
I don’t have a favourite band really. My favourite singer is Beyoncé! I am not one of those girls who obsess over bands so no, I’m not in a fandom?

Favourite food?
Tacos are the best thing ever! I could eat them every day.

Favourite movie / movie genre?
I love so many movies but probably ‘Just go with it’ if you haven’t watched it you need to! It’s the best comedy.

What inspired you to start this account / blog?
My absolute obsession with all things fashion! I needed to share my passion. Which hopefully you all like.

So that’s just a little more about me, hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did answering these! A haul should be up soon on what I have bought on my holiday.

Much love,
Chelsea xx


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