Perfection of many… feat. ClairdeLune Designs

Hello lovelies,

I have definitely got a growing choker and necklace collection but I recently got sent five stunning pieces from ClairdeLune Designs and they are now officially my favourites! They are utter perfection so I thought I would show you all how I like to wear them.

DSC_0549 - Copy

The sliver tip clear quartz necklace paired with the daisy choker looks so fun and summery! I love how the long length looks so amazing with chokers… The clear necklace is actually a miss-shaped crystal which makes them all different.


It really matches with every outfit but looks so simple and sleek with a white top.


This is a really classic look that I’m still obsessed with,a simple rose quartz necklace and tattoo choker make an outfit look a little edgier and exciting!



These three necklaces look absolutely stunning together! I’m going to be wearing this combination loads… Opalite is such a unique colour!

If your feeling really adventurous try this look I’m experimenting, I think it looks so cute and the colours are heaven!


The rose quartz triangle necklace is actually from StyleMeMilla, so check them out also.

Clairdelune has such an amazing and quirky collection that I absolutely love! So many gorgeous pieces that you all need to check out…

Hope you all like these pairings and hopefully gives you inspiration for your next outfit. Which will for sure pop with these accessories.

Much love,

Chelsea xx



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