All things school..

Hey there girls,

It’s that time again, where we sadly have to get back into the swing of school five days a week with only two days to relax and enjoy the peace of our own homes (which is usually then taken over by homework and assignments!) But there’s nothing better than starting the new year with new school supplies.. YAY! So I thought I would show you everything I got for the new year.

Also a few things I like to do before going back to school.

The first thing I got was a new school bag…

From- CityBeach
It’s got loads of space for a laptop, books and other bits and pieces you need to take each day. I love the tropical and pastel vibe it gives off!

This is definitely my favourite item that I have bought for 2015. My new nike air max theas! I’m so obsessed with these. They are so different and bold which is what I love…

Gold and black look so amazing together!
From- Hype

Most of you have probably seen my new pencil case on instagram but I thought I would still show it because it is so adorable.


From- Typo

I really like this pencil case because it’s easy to carry everywhere but has two compartments and a middle section to put stationary which makes it fit a bunch!

Going along with the spotty theme I got a baby blue spotty drink bottle.

From- Typo
I just think it’s cute really…

The next thing I got was a gold sparkly diary / planner to write down all my homework and assessment inside! You always have to be organised…

From- Forever New

Of course I just got some A4 notebooks for all my subjects. These spiral ones are perfect for when you need to rip out notes or give a page to someone.

From- Aldi

The last thing I got for school is a stripy lunch box.

From- Typo

It will keep all my food cool and fresh!

That’s all my new products for school, but I thought I would also share with you all what I like to do a few days before just so I’m nice and fresh!

The first thing I do is use my No. 1 hair masque by Bambi and Sammi It’s super easy too! Just shampoo your hair then towel dry your hair until it is slightly damp, then apply the masque to the middle of your hair to the ends. Just leave on for 5 minutes then rinse! That’s it… Is especially perfect for the girls with blonde hair as we all know how dry it can get. My hair honestly feels like silk!



While I'm waiting to rinse out my hair masque I use the 'Hair Of The Dog' facial by Nak*d For You.
The facial gets all the dirt out of your face and softens it at the same time. The hair of the dog specialises in curing your poor dry face. After using my face feels so hydrated it’s ridiculous! All you need to do is put a warm washer all over your face just before using, then add warm filtered water to the powder to create a thick substance. Just apply all over the face (avoid the eyes girls!) and leave for 10 – 15 minutes. Once you rinse off your face will feel brand new…

I then just apply a moisturiser after to keep the hydration up!

The Body Shop Seaweed lotion is so fresh and smells AMAZING!

There’s just one more thing I’d like to share with you…
A little kit containing all the things you may need at school, which we all should have in our backpack. So this is what I carry in my kit:


A packet of tissues, bobby pins, 2 hair ties and a band aid.

I’m sorry this post was so long but I had little bits of everything to share with you. Hope you enjoyed!

Also follow the brands on instagram for more information on there fabulous products!


Much love,
Chelsea xx


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