Falling stars – The lost girls

Hello lovelies,

Recently I got in touch with The Lost Girls and they sent me a package with a few items from their latest range and I’m completely obsessed with it all… I wanted to show you two ways to style a basic drawstring patterned playsuit. the ‘falling stars playsuit’ is such a stunning item to have in your closet to either casually wear to the beach or dress up for different seasons.

DSCN1152 DSCN1181 DSCN1184

To make this outfit more playful just wrap around a flannel or collared shirt. Mine is just from Target. I love this look and think its perfect for little cafe dates with your friends or going to the shops.


Plus its so lightweight, so the outfit can look so put together when really it’s an easy outfit!

The second way to wear this playsuit is for when it gets a bit cooler. I know some places are already cooling down in the afternoons so this would be perfect for sleepover attire…



Not only is it suited for warmer weather but it completely transforms into another outfit! I just love how diverse it is. The pink sweater is from Cotton On. These colours are literally a match made in heaven.

This was a super fun shoot and hopefully there will be more Lost Girl shoots in the future because their line is absolutely amazing!

Don’t forget to check them out:

Instagram: @thelostgirls

Website: http://www.thelostgirls.com.au/au/collections/cloud-nine


The Rumour Mill

Instagram: @therumourmill

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did…

Much love,

Chelsea xx


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