Red Kitty Creations

happy Saturday Everyone! 

Red Kitty Creations is a fresh label selling accessories to add to pretty much any shoe type. This makes your plain shoes a little more interesting! Recently they sent me a pair of Gold Wings, and this is how I wear them…

The first pair of shoes that look stunning with these gold wings are white platforms. 

Adding the gold to this heel makes them look super imaginative! I love how these accessories can completely change the appearance of the shoe. It’s like having a double wardrobe! 

Wedges from: Cotton On 

The next pair of shoes are perfect for the colder seasons. Why have boring old boots when you can have this look?!

Add a pair of lace socks to complete this heavenly look. You can really be as creative as you want with these pieces. 

Boots from: Big W

The third pair of shoes I think are my favourite look! 

These super high wedge shoes look like perfection with these wings! Doesn’t it look like I could fly away? The beauty about these wings are they are clip on so it’s quick and simple to attach to any shoe. 

Heels from: Popcherry

The last pair of shoes show you can really wear it with everything! This is the complete cute but casual look. 

All Black converses, I feel like most people have a pair of converses or canvas type shoes so everyone could easily wear this look. 

High tops from: Converse

Hope you all liked this little shoe lookbook and definitely go check out Red Kitty Creations. Such a creative idea… 

Follow them on Instagram: @redkittyshoejewellery

Or their website is linked up the top! 

Much love,

Chelsea xx


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