Some Of My Favourites… 

Hello Girls,

I know you are meant to do a favourites post at the end of the month but I just couldn’t wait any longer to show you all the products I’ve been in love with lately… So I’ll just jump straight into it! I’m sorry if this is quite long but there is just so many new things I’ve picked up this past month. 

The first products I’ve been loving are from Rose Hip Plus

Lisa McLean and the rest of the lovely Rosehip team sent me some products to try out. 

The Rosehip skin boost, night cream and day cream are all pure and natural which is perfect for skin products. They feel so fresh and soothing on your skin especially the Rosehip oil which I use on my face and on my legs everyday (the Rosehip oil is shown below). 

My next favourite product is Rosehip oil. I’m all about using Rosehip for super smooth skin but I now have quite a large collection…

Humble Body’s Healing oil is perfect for any problem areas like eczema and chafing. The other three work wonders on your face, going from left to right is Sukin, Rosehip Plus and Skin Food New Zealand. I alternate each day between them… I love to put two or three drops on my face after cleansing.

The third love this month is my Skin Food Cleanser! 

It has the most fresh and fruity scent you could ever imagine… Just massage it all over your face then rinse off for clean and clear skin! Skin Food definitely has the most amazing cleanser. 

Keeping healthy is a must so I have been obsessed with my Skinny Teatox tea! 

Emma Richards, who is in charge of the customer support sent me this cute package including the skinny Teatox morning tea, evening tea and gorgeous strawberry strainer. Making you feel so healthy and energetic… As soon as you open the packet you smell such a delicious scent of giner, cinnamon and various other herbs. It has just become part of my morning routine. 

The fifth favourite is another body product! 

Pure Virgin’s Grind peppermint and raw cacao scrub is a strong scented tough love type of product. It rubs away all dead skin making them feel just like new!

My next favourite body product is my organic hair treatment. 

This is from Happi Hair and it is perfect for a girls nights in… Put on a face mask and watch a chick flick. Wouldn’t that be an amazing night. As I have already said it is organic so it’s not danger to your hair.  You all have to check them out! 

I absolutely love perfume and my favourite scent this month is the Kim Kardashian Honey. 

It smells so delicious and it’s by Kim Kardashian… Enough said! 

This next item I literally take everywhere, my Humble Body basics range, hemp based lip balm. 

It is always in my bag for when I need to revive my lips. I still can’t get enough of how cute the little drawstring pouch it all came in is…

Wow there are seriously a lot of items I’m loving this month. 

Ok! The last three items are clothing type pieces. 

When the weather is still pretty hot (in Australia) you still need some comfortable flip flops that are super cute also… That’s where Madil Australia is your saviour! 

There is a colour flip flop for everyone… Pink, Aqua, brown, purple! The list goes on. But you don’t just get a cool coloured pair of thongs but also different coloured bands to mix and match for a whole different looking pair of shoes. As you can see on the left the band colours are literally endless! There are also adorable little charms to attach! 

They come with each pair you purchase! But my favourite pair would have to be my gorgeous bright pink thongs with mauve coloured bands. 

I know most would already be in love with this brand but for people who aren’t completely sold yet… They also give 10% of all proceeds to the Chilldren’s Cancer Institute Australia or CCIA for short. So not only are you purchasing a gorgeous pair of new flip flops but also helping with a very serious charity. What more could you seriously want?!

These last two pieces are items I recently bought. They are exactly the colours I’ve been obsessed with this newly Autumn season and guaranteed will be wearing till the end! 

This dark tan hat from Cotton On will be perfect with cream lace or even an all black outfit. Such a statement piece which can be dressed up or down. 

The last item is also from Cotton On and is probably one of my favourites… Not even for the cut or style of it, but just because of the colour! 

This grey long cardigan looks like heaven with a dark denim skirt and black crop top. I just think it looks so bohemian yet really edgy… 

Finally! That is all of my favourites for March. I absolutely love all of them, definitely go and check out their websites (they are all tagged) plus go follow them on Instagram:










Hopefully you enjoyed seeing what I’ve been loving this March and definitely go and check out their products because you won’t be disappointed…

Much love,

Chelsea xx


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