Styling a Basic Tank Top…

Hello girls, 

 HAPPY EASTER! I am so glad to finally be on holidays and be able to sleep in each morning and do so many more blog posts for you all… I have a lot planned, so get excited!
For this post I will be showing you how I like to style a basic tank top. You can do more than just wearing some denim shorts, and this is my top 3 options.


#1 The classic Jeans

DSC_0860 (2) DSC_0865 (2) DSC_0871 (2)

I love this outfit because even though it’s quite casual its bright, fun and girly! I also think this is a perfect outfit for Easter Day! The lost girls have the quirkiest and edgiest pieces literally for every style.

 The tank top is from: The Lost Girls 

 The jeans are from: Boohoo 

 The shoes are from: Cotton On 

 The earrings (which you can’t really see): Poesie Handmade 

#2 Knit + Leather

DSC_0894 (2) DSC_0905 (2)DSC_0912 

 Something a little different, you may not be able to fully see the tank but it adds that extra pop of colour into your outfit especially for Autumn… I really love this orange colour with the bright floral! 

Same tank top from Lost Girls 

 Knit from: Ally 

 Shorts from: Dotti 

 Shoes from: Famous Footwear 

 Earrings: Poesie Handmade 

 #3 Lacey Shorts


DSC_0928 DSC_0921


 Add some lacey shorts and the outfit immediately goes from casual to dressy… Perfect for shopping as it’s so comfortable! 

 Shorts from: A boutique in the Sunshine Coast 

 Belt: Dissh (again my favourite thing ever!) 

 Shoes: Famous Footwear 

 Earrings: Once again Poesie Handmade 

 Hope you liked my three outfit ideas for styling a basic tank top, just becuase its a casual top doesn’t mean your outfit has to be casual also. Dress it up and add some excitement into your Autumn wardrobe! 

 Definitely check out all the stores I styled… 

Instagram for Poesie Handmade: @poesie_handmade their pieces are all handmade and are so lovely! 

 Much love,

Chelsea xx


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