Lounging in Pet The Label!

Hello everyone,

Recently I got in touch with a small Australian company called Pet The Label who sell a range of clothing and newly introduced pyjamas. They sell gorgeous PJ sets in quirky, original prints which is something their talented designer Storm W has a true passion for… There is literally a set for everyone! It celebrates carefree salty days spent by the sea, sleep-ins and tropical sceneries. They are also super soft and light weight which is perfect for our Aussie hot weather!

DSC_0976 (2)DSC_0984 (2)

My gorgeous model Courtney is lounging around in her grey and pink aztec/tribal pyjamas. What’s the point of wearing sleepwear if they’re not super cute like these?! They’re oversized, giving you that extra comfort but still are shaped with the tie on the shorts.


The pastel pink buttons and trim perfect these pieces (as a pink lover myself!) But you really can’t go wrong with adding some pink…

DSC_0998 (2) DSC_1041 (2)

These PJs make lounging around the house look like your instantly ready for a photoshoot… I know Courtney is already in love with them! How could you not be? They give off that retro 70’s vibe which is very on trend at the moment. They are also quite limited, sometimes only making 20 of some prints! This makes your set that much more original.

DSC_1027 (2)

Court holding my pastel pink Tsuchi Soy Candle {Instagram: @tsuchi_soy_candles} go check out their stunning minimalistic products.

DSC_1011 (2) DSC_1006 (2)DSC_1058 (2)

Once you get a hold of a pair… You’ll never be able to go back to the old! You will honestly feel like a princess in them!

Make sure you check out Pet The Label: http://www.petthelabel.com/

And follow them on Instagram: @pet.thelabel

Hope you loved this post, I really adore how fun and quirky they are and I’m sure you will be amazed also…

Thankyou Courtney for modelling the gorgeous set!

Much love,
Chelsea xx


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