20 Facts About Me Tag…

hey girls,

I was tagged by @theresatrends to do the ’20 facts about me tag’ and I cannot wait to share with you a little bit more about me! 

So I’ll get straight into it.

1.  I’m 14 years old. 

2. I love stripes, definitely my favourite pattern. 

3. Shopping makes me so excited! I could shop all day everyday. 

4. Pink and yellow are my two favourite colours. 

5. I have one sister. 

6. I absolutely hate swimming and I’m terrible at it too…

7. I’m Kardashian obsessed, especially Kim!

8. I have two spoilt puppies. 

9. I love art… I really wished I was good at it. 

10. I’m horrible at saving money, I can always find something to buy sadly. 

11. I love mango and watermelon. 

12. I live on ice coffee!

13. Summer is my favourite season. 

14. Everywhere I go something will give me inspiration for Instagram or a post. 

15. My blog turns 1 on the 26th of May. 

16. My favourite stores are Cotton on, Peppermayo, Princess Polly and Universal Store. 

17. I love jeans but it’s usually too hot to wear them. 

18. I’m definitely not a morning person!

19. I LOVE pyjamas! Especially my Lamb and Lamb pair (follow them on Instagram: @lambandlamb or their website, click here . 

20. Without my Instagram I would be so bored in my spare time! 

So those are my facts, hope you found this entertaining and learnt a little bit more about me. 

Much love,

Chelsea xx


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