Tuesdays are better in PJs

Hey girls,

Tuesdays… I’m not exactly a fan of them but holidays + sleep ins + a pair of cute pyjamas makes it so much better! Sleeping in just till 8 o’clock makes me feel so much more cheerful and sets me up for a productive day ahead…

Lately I’ve been absolutely obsessing over my Lamb and Lamb pyjamas. They are super cozy and cute, it makes me want to stay in them all day! They are the definition of adorable and of course I had to show them to you.

Leann Lamb, the sleepwear designer has a passion for funky and original pieces which are now finding themselves in bedrooms all around the world…

DSC_0231DSC_0239 DSC_0255

I heart this PJ set! (see what I did there?!) The purple polka dot shorts feel so comfortable and look so sweet. As gorgeous as they all are… I think my favourite would have to be the love heart PJ tee. It’s simple, slouchy and heaps of fun to wear!

DSC_0292 (2) DSC_0296 DSC_0250

Not only is Leann a patriotic and passionate Aussie, she’s a marsh-mellow romantic and insists she sews heaps of love into every Lamb & Lamb piece created. Slip them on and you’ll feel the effects immediately, she says. I believe the only way to have a successful business is passion, and Leann is definitely not missing any!  I really admire that…


The details on the pyjamas are so beautiful! At the back of the PJ top it says ‘sweet dreams’ with a heart. It adds such a nice touch! Plus I really love the Frankie Magazine cover, flamingos are so pretty! So I was just having a read…


I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did, I would definitely wear these all day long if I could! There range is fairly large selling boxer shorts, 3/4 pants, robes, nighties, and co-ordinated tops. Lamb & Lamb designs are created using beautifully soft brushed cotton, with heaps of added detail in the trims, buttons and bows.

Definitely go check out Lamb and Lamb + follow them on instagram: @lambandlamb

Go get your cute PJs!

Much love,

Chelsea xx


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