Must Haves For A Small Bag… 

Hello girls,

Most of us all love our huge bags to then carry around ten times more than we need, sometimes I have up to 5 lipsticks with me. Which is why every now and then I like to switch it up and swap to a small bag when going out. I’ve been loving my Mollie Day Anooska black and white clutch… 


As Clutches / Sidebags are usually fairly small you really have to use the space wisely by only packing the essentials. So I thought I would share my must haves for a smaller bag. 

The first Item I always like to have with me is a small packet of tissues. 


 They can be used for so many different things… If you have a cold obviously they are great but also if something spills, someone needs a napkin etc… They’re just a really good thing to keep! 

The next thing I like to keep hold of is a compact mirror. 


Who can put on lipstick without a mirror? Not me! 

The third thing I must have in my bag is some sort of moisturiser. 


My legs get so dry especially during the colder months and my pet hate is dry looking legs… So I have to have a travel size moisturiser in every bag I carry around.  

The next thing I keep in my bag is two lip products. 


My Humble Basics lip balm for if I have dry lips throughout the day and a lipstick to match my outfit, which I change every now and again. I love this nude colour! 

The next two items are a definite must, a hair tie and a few bobby pins. 


Something so simple have never been more useful. I know I always need bobby pins for my out of control hair! 


 Plus there’s a really cute little pocket in my clutch which I put them in. 

I always find myself needing a pen so I try to pack one in each bag. 


This side bag may look quite small but the amount you can fit is amazing! 

Fresh breath is a huge must for me so I have to pack a little pack of mints. 


Plus it’s tiny and cute! Perfect for a side bag…

The lucky last thing is somewhere to keep your money. Obviously a wallet is too big, so I like to carry a little coin purse. 



It’s just something I found in my house and it’s pretty cute and takes up barely any room. But you can still fit notes etc… 


So that’s all the must haves I keep in a small bag. My Mollie Day side bag is perfect for going out at night and not having to lug a whole heap of items around, but you can still fit your essentials! 

Hope you enjoyed this post I know I love looking at what other people carry around. Definitely go and check out Mollie Day

Plus follow them on Instagram: @molliedayau

Much love,

Chelsea xx





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