Product yay or nay? 

Hey everyone! 

Lately I have been getting quite a lot of products sent to me in the mail from different stores. So I thought I would review each product and let you all know my opinion and thoughts. 
So the first product is the Indirah Repairing mask. 

 I have quite long hair, so for me this only lasted for 2 treatments but from looking at their website it fairlys inexpensive, $19.95 per bottle. I’ve looked at very similar products displayed at different hairdressers and their bottles of hair masks are usually in the $25-$30 range. 

It says to focus on the roots and blend through to the ends. My hair can get really oily at the roots so putting this mask on my roots didn’t help the issue. As it uses many hydrating oils such as Coconut oil, almond oil and papaya seed oil it’s perfect to help damaged hair. I just don’t reccomomend using on your roots if your known to have oily hair. But as far as the ends go, they were super smooth! 

The next products are all from the Sensual range from Be Genki. This specific range is used to transfer positive energy such as peace and kindness. 

The face mist is so refreshing, I like to use it before I put my makeup or moisturiser on. Just for a morning spritz… It has a very subtle scent which I like a lot better than a strong smelling product for your face. 

Both the body oil and oil blend have a very strong and mature scent but I don’t mind as they both work wonders on my skin! Especially the oil blend, as soon as you put a drop or two on your arms and rub into your skin, it automatically feels ridiculously soft… I would suggest for people who get really dry skin like myself. 

The last item is the Coconut + Lime body scrub from Afterglow Handmade

As you can see I have been obsessed with this body scrub and am almost finished the packet! It feels so lovely when you are exfoliating, not to rough but still does the job perfectly.  My legs get so dry and even worse in Winter so I’ve been using the scrub loads and I haven’t found one that exfoliates better! 
I think all these products were a yay for me! Definitely go and check them out for yourself and see what you think. I’d love to hear your thoughts on them.

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Their websites are also linked above! 

Much love,

Chelsea xx


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