My 5 top tips for Healthy skin! 

Hey there,

Today I thought I’d share with you my top 5 tips to keep your skin healthy and break out free (well, most of the time). We’re all going to have some pimples every now and then…

Tip #1 After wearing makeup wash your face with a face wash NOT just with a makeup wipe. 

Your makeup has been on for at least a couple hours and needs to be fully taken off. Other wise the dirt left over from just using a makeup wipe sinks into your pores creating nasty pimples. I like to use the Sukin foaming facial Cleanser. 

Tip #2 Moisturise! 

It’s winter now in Australia, which means our skin is becoming extra dry… No one wants flaky, lizard like skin so make sure to use some sort of moisturise at least once a day. I use my hydrating day cream and organic rose hop oil from Rosehip Plus. 

tip #3 Eat Healthy… 

We all have those days where we treat ourselves which is perfectly fine on occasion, the problem occurs when you constantly eat sugary foods. This causes most people to break out. So try to stay as healthy as possible! Plus it’s good for the rest of your body too. 

Tip #4 You don’t always need full coverage  

Don’t hide your beauty girl! We all have our insecurities but try not to stress too much about them. If someone judges you they aren’t worth the makeup anyway! Try and use a light foundation or BB cream every now and then so your face can breath. I love my Garnier ‘Miracle Skin Perfector’ BB cream. 

Lucky last, tip #5 stay hydrated!

This is one of the most important. Without hydration your skin dries out and actually ages quicker! I’m guilty of this one a lot. I just get so busy that I forget to drink water, so what I like to do is get a super cute water bottle so I remember to drink. Hopeless I know… 
Hopefully these tips help you to have gorgeous breakout free skin! Just a heads up their are many winter fashion posts coming out very very soon… YAY! 

Much love,

Chelsea xx


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