Orange Obsession… 

Hello hello!

So winter is fully in action and I’ve been completely obsessed with orange. I know it’s not a usual winter colour like black or grey (which by the way I’m also loving) but it has just been making me feel so warm and cheerful.  So today I thought I’d show you a fun little shoot incorporating my love for orange and how it represents a lovely Autumn / spring type of feel. Which by the way would be a more preferred season… Winter is getting too cold!

This was such a fun shoot, having my sister even join in!

orange joinedDSC_0445 (3) DSC_0463 (3)

The orange looks so perfect with dark tones such as black and navy. It definitely brightens up my outfit for sure! Plus these two outfits pretty much sums up the Queensland weather… One day your wearing a knit and jeans, then the next a thin dress! Crazy, but keeps my outfits interesting.

DSC_0468 (2) DSC_0460 (3) DSC_0458 (4)

Courtney wears:

dress: Penny Lane Vintage

Boots: Famous Footwear

I’m so obsessed with this dress, it looks so bohemian and retro looking. This store has one off items making them so much more unique. Such a great idea, adding some extra character into your closet! Everything in their store is also super cheap… What more could you want?

DSC_0482 (2) DSC_0486 (2)

I also added my western styled belt to the outfit from Dissh Boutique. Completes every outfit I swear…just adding a little more excitement! 

DSC_0443 (3) DSC_0451 (3) DSC_0440 (3)

I’m wearing:

Turtleneck: City Beach

Necklace: Colette

Jeans: Kmart (I think they were only $12, what a bargain shopper I am!)

Shoes: Betts

Can’t get over this amazing warm colour, which I’ll be wearing all season.

Please go an check out Emma’s lovely store, Penny Lane Vintage. She’s so gorgeous and runs her vintage store so well.

Plus follow them on instagram: @penny_lane_vintage you’ll fall in love!

Much love,

Chelsea xx


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