Black Skincare? What’s that about!

Hello everyone!

So recently I discovered a skincare brand called Black Skincare which really intrigued me… I had a little look and their products and they’re all seaweed and charcoal based which I thought was really amazing, as they’re both great ingredients for your skin!

DSC_0446 (3)

The lovely owner at Black Skincare sent me their ‘Black Soak’ to try out and so I thought I’d do a fun little review on this product so here we go!

DSC_0436 (3)

So when you take some of the soak out of the packet it’s literally black product as you can see above, which I think looks really edgy and exciting. I love how when you put it in your bath it almost fizzes like a bath bomb! Also, if you’ve ever used Frank Body Scrub (another all time favourite) when you hop out of the bath your legs feels just as if you’ve scrubbed them with frank. Ahhh! so smooth…

DSC_0444DSC_0467 (2)

The only thing I would say is if you have a white bath, you do need to get a cloth and wipe the charcoal remains off after, but that’s just the price you have pay for a lovely, lovely soak! I definitely would recommend so go check them out.

Oh and I almost forgot! She also sent me a cute little passion fruit lipbalm, which you can also buy at their online store and it is the most hydrating silky lip product ever! I love it even more than baby lips and all of those popular products. You definitely need one it’s so so cuuuute!

Go check out there site here!

And their instagram here!


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