Spreading Positive Vibes / With The Help From Free By Cotton on YAY!

Hey gals!

School holidays have been exactly what I’ve needed lately, having the whole day to be productive and think of creative ideas! Which has been making me feel 1000x more positive and happy. So today my sister and I went riding around spreading our happiness to everyone.

I especially feel ecstatic when I’m wearing my funky jumpsuit from Free By Cotton on. Which is a brand new tween label filled with gorgeous clothing for both guys and gals!

DSC_0474 DSC_0476

We were riding our bikes and I found this cute flower wall and had to take some photos… The denim jumpsuit is super comfortable even when riding! Plus it makes me feel summery or spring – ish even in winter. PERFECTTT

DSC_0479 (2)

DSC_0490 (2)DSC_0499

Free By Cotton On has such an amazing range of casual to even dressy clothing, the style palette is endless! That’s why I LOVE their stuff. I feel like it’s totally me by having that edginess but also still having a touch of feminine when I want to…

DSC_0506Pssst! Their new range is released and it’s utterly amazing… Boho transeasonal pieces with a bunch of printed kimonos. I know where I’ll be shopping tonight!

Free by Cotton On

I’ve got my eye on the kimono and jeans on the left. Yes please!!

Which kimono is your favourite?

DSC_0510 DSC_0492

My earrings are from Poesie Handmade if your wondering – Aren’t they cute!

Sandals from Famous Footwear.


It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Free By Cotton On, especially when it’s all so me! Keep on the look out for another post with Free very soon, with maybe even another jumpsuit woohoo!

Go and check out the pretty as collection at Free By Cotton On

Plus they have instagram: Go go follow them at @freebycottonon

Hoped you enjoyed this fun and exciting post…

Much love,

Chelsea xx


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