Naked Truth Treats! 


Is it just me or in Winter do you have the craving for chocolate even more? Well I definitely do so I thought I give Naked Truth chocolate a try. It’s a healthier option of a treat, which I I’m going to give my honest review on, plus I thought I’d invite my sister to try them and give her thoughts as well…
Let’s try them out… Ahhh I’m so exited! 

The first one we will be trying is the ‘Road Trip’ bar which is described as a jam doughnut milk chocolate bar. 

My thoughts // The filling in the middle is somewhat creamy and sort of reminds me of a strawberry freddo! But of course way less naughty to eat, score! 

Courtney’s thoughts // I am not a huge fan of strawberry flavoured anything, but this chocolate has changed my opinion. The strawberry filling is delicious!
Next up is the ‘Get Lost’ which is explained as Goji berry and toasted coconut dark chocolate bar. 

My thoughts // Defintiely my favourite! The dark chocolate is so so so yummy! I usually am not a huge fan of dark chocolate but for some reason this tasted heavenly. The roasted coconut completes it also. 

Just another side note: Goji Berries are a natural superfood and rich in antioxidants which makes them perfect on your chocolate! 

Courtney’s thoughts // this was my all time favourite flavour. I didn’t think I would like it because of the dark chocolate, which I’m not a huge fan of, but once again, naked truth has changed my opinion! It was very yummy…

The lucky last is the ‘Get Naked’ which is described as Fig and Macadamia milk chocolate bar. 

My thoughts // Just need to address again how good the quality of the chocolate on all of the bars are! It’s so delicious plus has ‘Naked Truth’ engraved on each one, such a cute touch. This bar has such an interesting combination, saltiness of the fig and macadamia plus the sweet of the chocolate… Never tasted anything like it! 
Courtney’s thoughts // I absolutely love macadamia’s, especially in chocolate. This flavour was very different to anything I’ve ever tasted, with little bursts of saltiness in the figs. The macadamia’s and figs worked really well together.

Hope you enjoyed this review on Naked Truth and their yummy chocolate bars! Go try them today and tell me your opinion… 

Let me know if you like reviews, and whether I should do more! 

Plus follow them on Instagram: @nakedtruth_addict
Much love,

Chelsea xx


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