How I Edit My Instagram Pictures

Hey hey girls,
Today I just wanted to do a quick little post on how I edit my Instagram photos as I get this question so often! I only use a couple of apps but I will add some tips on how I take my photos…
So the two main apps that I use to edit my photos are:

Afterlight, which is 0.99c and has so many different ways to advance your photo! 
And the other app is…

VSCO Cam, which is free and is also a really great app. I would say it almost has the same effects etc… as Afterlight just not as many options to edit. So it is my backup app. 
They are really the only apps I use on my Instagram pictures. Unless I want to add some strokes onto my photos, for example:

I added the blue scribble with an app called ‘LineBrush’  I think it adds such a cute touch! These flip flops are from Madil Australia, in case anyone was wondering.  Aren’t they lovely? 

  I thought I would also share with you a few tips I try to stick to when posting. 
So tip #1 Always keep the photos nice and bright! Every photo I take I will brighten up with one of the apps above as a nice sleek white photo is perfect on most feeds. 
Tip #2 Make sure your pictures aren’t really noisy. There’s nothing worse than a really noisy / pixilated picture. If you picture does look a little too pixely, I use Afterlight and turn down the sharpness of the picture. 

Tip #3 Try to stick to some type of them theme or colour scheme for a perfect layout. Obviously do whatever you love but I personally think the layout looks much neater with matching colours and backgrounds. 
So here is what I stick by for my Instagram, let me know if you want a part 2 of tips and tricks! Or if you’d like one specifically for starting a blog. 
Much love,

Chelsea xx


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