Answering Your Questions! 

Hey everyone,
Wow! It has been so so long since I’ve done a Q & A so I thought I’d answer a few questions for a bit of fun. 

Let’s do this…

 @jess.picka asks: Who is your biggest fashion inspiration?

Kim Kardashian has an amazing style, she would have to be my #1!

@utterlyada asks: When and why did you start blogging? 

I started blogging I believe around 1 year and a half ago? Maybe a little less, it was just a way for me to express what I love most, fashion! 

She also asked: Places you’ve travelled and places you want to visit? 

I have travelled to New Zealand, Fiji and a few small islands (on a cruise). I want to travel all over but my two main places are Greece and France! 

Doesn’t this just look perfect?!?

@jazpalin asks: Did anybody inspire you to start a blog?

I discovered Shelby Hamiltons instagram a few years back when she only had 10k followers, or ‘Meowshelbs’ if we throw it back. It was the only ‘blogger’ type person I had ever seen and fell in love with the whole idea! 

@lilybohun asks: 3 best memories you’ve had? 

That’s such a tricky question! Birthdays and Christmas are always fun with the family, especially the mornings… I loved Fiji, plus camping trips are always fun! 

@hopeswall asks: Some of your favourite bloggers? 

I love Chessie from Freshlypickked, Mia from Simplymeyah and Shelby Hamilton. Their blogs are heaven!

 @simplealayna asks: What’s your favourite NakedTruth Chocolate? 

I think my favourite would have to be the ‘Get Lost’ the dark chocolate is soo yummy! 

She also asked: Favourite colour? 

Pink and yellow! 

Another question from Alayna: inspiration? 

Fashion blogging or journalism is what I want to pursue so constantly striving to achieve that goal is how I stay motivated. 
Hope you enjoyed this little Q & A, let me know if you like reading these and if you want some more! 
Much love,

Chelsea xx


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