First impression on the Rosehip Plus Cream Cleanser. 

Hi gals,
I know, I know! It’s definitely been a while but I’m super keen to post a whole bunch very soon… So here is my first impression on the Rosehip Plus organic daily cream cleanser. 

When I received this in the mail I was so excited to give it a try as I’ve always adored the Rosehip plus products! Infact I use the Rosehip oil every day. 
When I read a little about the cleanser I saw this particular one is specifically used to remove makeup. This is such a great idea, as its cleansing your face and getting rid of all the bad oils and junk but also removing your makeup at the same time. Yay for that!

So does it work? 

The first time I tried this I was wearing full foundation, blush and mascara. I used a small amount of product on a cotton pad (tip this way your dirty hands aren’t all over your face) and wiped all over. Then I simply rinsed my face with warm water. 
My first impression was it completely washed away all of my face makeup which I was actually quite surprised about! There was a slight amount of mascara left under my eye but of course you would just go over once again with a tad more cleanser… 
I then figured it works wonders following up with the hydrating day cream after your cleanse. Also by Rosehip Plus 
So hopefully you enjoyed this post, make sure you check out Rosehip Plus as their products are amazing… 
Follow them on Instagram: @rosehipplus

Much love,

Chelsea xx


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