Rimmel London Sun Shimmer Instant Tan Review…

Hello everyone,


I know, it’s been way too long! So lets get straight into the review shall we…

This instant tan BB skin perfecter was sent to me from Coty Australia.

tan bottle

When first opening up the bottle it instantly takes you to a holiday destination. Smelling of coconut and other sweet scents. This product comes in two shades, light and medium. I was sent the light shade and at first when pouring some into my hand I thought for sure it would be too dark for my skin tone. As soon as you rub the skin perfector into your skin it gives you an amazing natural glow!! I was so astounded by this magic little bottle.

tan legs

As you can see, the left leg has the tan applied. I love the way it gives your skin such a subtle bronzed and radiant look.

Another factor that persuaded me on this product was that it’s not only instant but washes off with just some water and soap. So if you were a first time ‘tan user’ it would be the perfect bottle for you. If you’re a hard core tan addict I think it’s also perfect to rub into your Bondi Sands light foam tan for an extra bold tan when going out, just for the extra glow.


The only negative would be, you couldn’t wear it on those horrid rainy days, but hey! Why would you go out in the rain when you could be cuddled up in bed watching netflix… Your choice but I know what I’d pick.

I also thought I’d mention that this product is only around $9 from ASOS?! I will link it here.

Hope you all enjoyed this review post, and if you were thinking about getting this Rimmel Instant tan I definitely believe it’s worth it.

Go give Coty Australia a follow on insta too: @cotypraustralia

Much love,

Chelsea xx


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