Holiday Groove

Hey hey everyone,

Easter Holidays have finally arrived which has made me one happy girl!

Autumn is in fall bloom, and although in Australia the chill hasn’t hit yet I wanted to create a look that that inspired those who are needing to rug up a little extra…



Jacket: The Lost Girls

Top: Bardot

Skirt: Wild Honey Australia

Shoes: Novo

watch: The Fifth Watches

Hair: Braids were done by my gorgeous friend Reanna Hultgren

One of my favourite winter essentials is a denim jacket (or 10?!) they can make any oufit look effortlessly edgy. Plus it’s the easiest thing to chuck on with your outfit.But of course The Lost Girls take it to the next level by making the sleeves black with a slight pattern… I’m absolutely loving it!


I am also dying for this skirt! I love how its scalloped from the front then has a cute little slit on the side…


Also, lets just ignore the really awkward sock tan that is so obvious when I’m wearing these shoes…

I believe it’s a super great idea within your wardrobe to have basic staples that can be worn with basically anything, especially in winter so you can layer your little heart out. I’ve been living by this rule lately and it makes creating an outfit so much easier. As I was having the issue of wanting to wear a printed skirt (like the one I’m wearing now) but had no basic crops to pair with it.



Luckily stores like Bardot and Universal resolved the issue. So if you’re looking for some good quality basics, I definitely recommend.


This outfit screams Autumn to me as it’s still warm enough to wear a high waisted skirt, but just needs a jacket! Which personally is my favourite time of the year, who wouldn’t want to wear cute skirts like these all year round?!


So I hope you all have an amazing Easter break and treat yourself with some yummy chocolate…

Be sure to follow Wild Honey Boutique on Instagram: @wildhoneybtq as their clothing is so fun and unique!


The Lost Girls: @thelostgirls as they are an all time favourite of mine! Honestly can never get enough…

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did!

Much love,

Chelsea xx



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