Lets Talk Transeasonal Outfits… 

Hi lovelies!

So lately I’ve been putting a lot of thought into the perfect garments for transeasonal outfits, and with the help of one of my favourite brands Milla and Lotti I’m here to share with you one of the many transeasonal outfit ideas I have come up with. Make sure you share with me whether you like this idea so I know to create more of these looks for you all…

So if you haven’t heard of this term before basically it’s a look that not only works for the season you are in now, but can be easily transformed into another season’s attire.




Tee:(which is actually a shift dress but I’ve knotted to make an edgy tshirt): Milla and Lotti

One of the reasons I love their clothing is because there are unlimited possibilities when it comes to their garments. You can really mix it up and make it your own, as I have done here!

Necklace: Colette Hayman

Shorts: CityBeach

Shoes: Adidas


It’s super hot here in Australia still, which means shorts are still mandatory… But this outfit is super easy to transform into a warmer option. Chuck on your favourite jacket, personally I would go an anorak. If it was super chilly, you could also change the shorts to jeans.


Voila! A perfect outfit for any season still showing off that gorgeous printed tee and statement necklace!

Also, once again wearing my Fifth Watches timepiece! I guess you could say I kind of have a watch addiction…


IMG_5380 (1)

Don’t stress… You can also update your wardrobe with Milla and Lotti. You can use this promo code: UCH20X16 for 20% off! Hell yeah! This discount is valid for 3 days so be quick!

Plus make sure you go follow them on all their social media handles…

Instagram: @Millaandlotti

Facebook: Milla and Lotti


Hope you enjoyed this transeasonal ideas post!  Also, hope your enjoying the school holidays so far, I know I am!

See you in my next post.

Much love,

Chelsea xx



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