What’s in my travel bag? 

Hey everyone,

Hope everyone’s enjoying their holidays, I can’t believe it’s already been a week… So it got me thinking about the necessities that I need when travelling. So here are my 8 must haves in my travel bag. 

This bag from Free By Cotton On is my ultimate favourite to use as it’s so spacious and fits everything you need…

But the question is what’s inside?

1.  My phone

 You don’t really go anywhere without it but still thought I’d add it. When traveling it’s perfect for holidays snaps! 

(Case from Made By Frabrix

2. My favourite lippy 

A girl can conquer the world when wearing her favourite lipstick! 

(Velvet Teddy by Mac

3. A polaroid camera

Memories look so cute on a Polaroid, also this case is great to protect the camera. 

4. A hat

This is a personal preference, but I have a love for hats and never leave home without one! 

(Ralph Lauren Cap) 

5. Wallet / pouch

Because you never know what pretty things you’ll find when travelling to different areas! 

(Mimco small pouch) 

6. A cardigan or jumper

This is specific to the colder seasons, but within the coming months this is a great idea to keep in your travel bag. 

(Knitted cardigan from Future You Clothing)

7. Travel sized perfume

I love small sized perfumes as they take up hardly any room, and you never know when you’re going to need a little spritz! 

8. Portable charger

This is probably my favourite! A portable charger has saved me so many times when away exploring… 

(Cord from Made By Fabrix
Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what your travel necessities are! 

Much love,

Chelsea xx


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