Easing Into Winter

Hello my lovelies,

As winter is beginning to bloom in Australia, I thought I’d share with you my favourite way to keep some warm colours in your outfit, instead of the ‘black on black’ we are gravitated towards.

Firstly, I want to clear something up for anyone who doesn’t live in Australia. When I say start of winter, I actually mean you may need to throw on a jumper at some point in the day but there’s no guarantee.

Also, I’m one of those people who absolutely hates winter, bring on summer all year round! So let’s just warm into the idea of winter with some printed shorts and a jumper… Okay?
Beige’s and nudes are my absolute favourite way to warm up any winter outfit. So the first outfit I created, still has a dark denim component but is warmed up with beige shorts and a nude knit wrapped around.

IMG_6890[1] IMG_6887[1]


Top – Gelati Jeans

Shorts – City Beach

Knit – City Beach

Shoes – Converse


I’m so obsessed with this top, Gelati Jeans + their BRAND NEW sister store TeenSeen have insanely stunning pieces that are perfect for the coming winter months.

I forgot how much I loved wearing converse, especially these white high tops! They make every outfit so much sportier.



Plus, if it does get chilly you can just throw on your jumper and it completely transforms into a new outfit.

Hell yeah!

I also thought I’d show you another option for a warmer winter’s day including shades of grey (what a surprise!!) and a bright pop of colour.



I love this outfit because it’s a perfect combination once again of darker winter shades and bright shorts to add a summery feel. Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean we need to ditch the colour!!



Top – Universal Store

Shorts – Gelati Jeans

Hat – Element

Shoes – Adidas

Watch (in both outfits) – Marc Jacobs


My hat obsession continues! But how could I say no to this baby?



These shorts are so fun, making this outfit really come to life. Absolutely in love!


So I hope you enjoyed this post and got loads of colourful inspiration for your winter preparations.  Even if you’re not coming into winter, add some colour just for fun!

Don’t forget to follow @Gelatijeans and @teenseen on Instagram, you won’t regret it I promise!

Let me know on instagram which look is your favourite…

Much love,

Chelsea xx


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