5 Tips On Staying Motivated With School!

Hi everyone,


So School has almost come to an end for the term, finally! But personally, I seem to be finding myself dreading that last week of assessment… So I’ve put together 5 tips on how to stay motivated and get through the term without dying first! Also, these tips don’t just apply for the week to come, I use them all through my schooling year. So stick around and have a read If you’ve been feeling completely over the school year already!


1. Jam pack your Bag with fun and adorable stationary.

Whether you’re in grade 6 or 12, everyone loves stationary and you can’t deny it… There’s something about getting cute new pens and notebooks that makes school 100 times more bearable. I’ve been obsessed with Yoobi Stationary because they have everything you could possibly dream of. Plus every time you purchase a yoobi item, another item is donated to an Aussie kid in need. That sold me completely…



Check out their instagram also: @yoobiaustralia 

2. Treat Yo Self every now and then… 

There’s nothing wrong with rewarding yourself for finishing all your exams or simply just to cheer yourself up! This gives me so much motivation as I get excited for my package to arrive. It doesn’t have to be something big, maybe that shirt you’ve been eyeing off or a new lipstick to add to the collection.


I think I may be too enthusiastic about this idea…


3. Listen to your favourite music

I know this might sound kind of weird, but if I listen to some of my favourite songs before school or before I start some of my homework, I feel instantly more proactive and motivated. Just give it a try!

If I’m at home I listen to all my music on my UE boom 2, this is for sure the best thing that will ever come into your life if you are a music lover!


4. Make plans with friends or family on the weekends

This gives you something fun and exciting to look forward to instead of just the pile of homework you’ve been trying to forget. Don’t get me wrong! You’ve still got to do the homework, but once you’ve done that enjoy your weekend!


How pretty is this beach destination?!

5. Do some form of exercise 

Some of you might be thinking “No thankyou!” but just trust me with this one. Give yourself 15 minutes to go for a run or a walk every couple of days and it will make you feel so refreshed! It is scientifically proven that exercise makes you feel happier, so why not give it a try!



So I hope you all enjoyed this post and took something away from it! Hang in there everyone, the dread of school will make the holidays feel even better…

Can’t wait to post so much more on the holidays, GET EXCITED!


Much love,

Chelsea xx


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