Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Review! 

Hello everyone! 
Ahh this is such an exciting post to create for you all because I have finally got my hands on two of the Kylie Lip Kits, in the shades Candy K and Exposed! As these kits are quite pricey, I thought it was the perfect product to review to see whether it’s worth the purchase or not…
So let’s get straight into the review shall we? 

So first of all, the packaging! It’s so sleek and absolutely stunning. I’m obsessed with the dripping lips, the boxes are so cute that I want to display them in my room. 

Candy K and Exposed are both nudes, which I was quite worried about when they arrived, as they looked very similar! But once I opened up the boxes they were two nudes on seperate ends of the scale… YAY! 

Each lipkit cost $30 USD with $15 USD postage which totalled out to around $100 (AUD). It may be overpriced for two lipkits, but I feel like they are a novelty item that is super exciting to own. We also can’t forget how freaking beautiful they are! 

Candy K is a pink toned nude where as Exposed is a brown toned nude. Two shades that are perfect for whatever mood you’re feeling… 

Time for some swatches! 

Candy K reminds me a lot of Velvet Teddy by Mac which is one of my favourite lip colours. I was so amazed at how quickly the liquid lipsticks dried! Less than 20 seconds I kid you not?! Plus the liners are so buttery, but I must say the Candy K lipliner is slightly darker than the liquid lipstick… Luckily it isn’t too noticeable once they’re on your lips! 

So are these products worth the hype & the dollars? I say yes! But it’s really up to your own preference, I’m a huge fan of Kylie Jenner so this is something I had to give a whirl… 

Bottom line: Gorgeous colours, high pigmentation, more hydrating than most liquid lipsticks and such a stunning product to own, but definitely on the dearer side. 
I hope this helped you decide whether this was something you wanted to purchase or whether to give it a miss… 

I would love to do more reviews very soon, let me know what products you would like to see! 
Much love,

Chelsea xx 


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