Festival Vibes

Hello beautiful people,
I’m sure most of you would already know that Splenour in the grass is coming up this month, which is an Australian festival. It got me super inspired to create an outfit perfect for the occasion…

Seeing everyone post their festival flashbacks got me thinking about what I would wear if I was going… 

So let’s get into it! 

This dress is super cute and girly, but to add my own originality to it I tied up the front in a knot. I was obsessed with the outcome! 

I also added a belt where the dress seams in. I love being able to tweak different outfits so when you wear them out they look completely different, almost as if it’s a new piece of clothing all together! 

I wore these brown thick strapped sandals as it was a perfect match for the belt. These babies were from Target for around $15?! Talk about a steal! 

They are so simple, but compliment every outfit. 

Hat- Element (literally my favourite accessory on this earth). 

Dress- Future You Clothing.

Belt- Supré

Shoes- Target.

Another reason I love this outfit is it’s not going to break the bank, everything is super affordable, but at the same time doesn’t look cheap! 

So there you have it! My perfect Splendour / any festival look. It’s so comfortable and obviously a super fun outfit. Just pair it with your favourite boots and you’re ready for Splendour in the grass! 
I hope this gave you some major festival inspo, definitely share with me your favourite festival look, you know I’d love to see it…
Much love,

Chelsea xx


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