What I’m loving currently…

Hey there hunnies, 

Since it’s definitely been a while since I shared some of my favourites with you all, I thought it would be a fun idea to show you them today. 

So let’s just get into it shall we?
The first product I’ve been obsessed with, which I guess you could refer to as a favourite of the year is my trusty UE Boom 2 in white (by Ultimate Ears).

This is an underwater speaker, which I take almost everywhere! Beach days, parties, you name it. It’s also a perfect Christmas gift idea… 

Also, this cute cow printed roundie cushion is from Mandala Living, it’s so soft and petite and you need it in your life! 

Secondly, is of course Unidays! I’ve talked about this website a few times but in case you haven’t heard about it I’ll give you the run down… it’s a website that provides amazing discounts from a range of stores such as Princess Polly, Asos, Topshop, Misguided and 100’s more. The amount I have saved over the past year is amazing. If you’d like to check it out and register, click here!

The next item I’ve got to share is the purifying facial cleanser by Neutrogena. Which I’ve been using for quite a few months now. 

The main reasoning behind this face wash becoming a part of my skincare routine is because of its gentle &a natural qualities. With no extreme ingredients, which is great for teenage skin. 

Next up, we’ve got lace garments such as bralettles. The one below is definitely a personal favourite of mine, which is from Dissh Boutique

They just adds a little extra feminine flare to any outfit, especially when worn under mesh or low hanging pieces. 

Another favourite, for practically the whole year is Bondi Sands self tanning foam in Dark. I use this with a Loving Tan  application mitt (odd I know, but it’s so much better than the Bondi sands mitt). 

It gives such a perfect tan, and of course is green based so no orange colour what so ever! 100% a must have for summer! Plus the bottle lasts, and when you do need a refill it’s only $20, hell yes!!!

Second last on my favourites list is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz ($39)

It is quite a pricey eyebrow product and to be honest it doesn’t last me longer than a couple months. But the product itself makes it all so worth it. It’s super easy and the perfect colour match, for anyone interested I use light brown. 

Lucky last, is of course my newest BabyG watch. Which is part of their new ‘Glampimg’ series. 

BabyG’s are definiely my favourite brand for watches as they’re so durable yet built to perfection and of course with brilliant quality. I love the variety they have to offer, frankly I can never have enough of these gorgeous pieces. If you don’t own one already, I definitely reccomend!

So that’s all I have to show you today, I hope you enjoyed this favourites post as much as I did creating it. 
Much love,

Chelsea xx


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