U.S Haul

Hey everyone!


Hope you’re all doing well, I know it’s gotten to that stage again where assignments and tests are overflowing (well at least for Australia!). One of my favourite ways to get through exam week is to treat myself with a little something, to add a bit of excitement and keep me persevering till the end.

All the products in this haul are from the US. I know what you’re thinking, that would’ve been really expensive, but not when you use a shipping service such as GoSend. It’s super easy to sign up and use. You also get updates, so you always know where your shopping is every step of the way!

You can shop from any U.S retailer and send it to your own personal Go Send address or use their ‘Shop Assist’ tool, which makes purchasing items even easier…

So let’s get into the fun part, what I got!


The first item I got was a Calvin Klein denim baseball cap. It was $51.50 aud. It is sold exclusively at Urban Outfitters, so shipping would’ve been a killer if it weren’t for Go Send.


The next item is just as exciting, as it’s my first item from Urban Decay. I picked up the aftergl0w 8 hour highlighter in the colour ‘Aura’.


It’s so delicate and soft, as soon as I saw the baby pink highlighter I knew I had to get my hands on it. It was $34.35, if I had bought it in Australia it would’ve been $42. That’s a $7.65 difference!



Ahhh! Anastasia Beverly Hills has always been a liquid lipstick that I’ve wanted to give a whirl, and the day has finally come! It’s in the shade ‘Crush’ and let me tell you it truly is the perfect ‘pinky nude’. It was $26.40 aud where as if I purchased within Australia it would’ve been around $31.


The last item I got may be the most exciting! A Morphe palette has always been something I’ve wanted to own but shipping to Australia is so expensive… My dream finally came true once I discovered Go Send.


If you were wondering the specific palette is the morphe 350, so it’s stacked with warm oranges and browns! Exactly what I love… This cost $30.40 aud and is basically impossible to get in Australia. If you were to purchase it from their website and ship it over yourself it would be $40-$50!


Overall, Go Send shipping service has become my hero for shopping internationally. Not only do you save money, but their staff are always there to help if you have any questions.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in you can use my code ‘ChelseaMay’ when you sign up to receive a free 3 month VIP membership, UGH YAY!

Sign up here!


Hope you enjoyed this little haul!

see you all again very soon…

Much love,

Chelsea xx


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