Seeking The Sun…

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Hey everyone,

I’ve always been that person that craves warm sunny days, so once it’s hot out in Winter there’s nothing I want more than to  embrace that heavenly weather…

So what’s the perfect outfit for catching some rays?



I adore wearing light-weight comfortable outfits with some form of colour, so today I went with a bright coloured bikini underneath.

Tying a knot to the side of the dress gave it that effortless look, yet still looking totally beach / poolside ready!



This super adorable dress is from Bracewell + lounge. Their whole collection instantly makes me feel like I’m on a vacaction, I mean yes please?!

I also thought I would should you a little more of that pop of colour…




This bikini from Finch Swimwear has become my ultimate favourite, it’s vibrant colours make me dream of Summer on the sand… I guess you could say they are a little more than just a pop of colour, and I’m totally obsessed!



My personal favourite thing about Bracewell + Lounge is you can alter their basics to fit your personality, which is an absolutely brilliant idea!


I hope you enjoyed this post and it sent you some warm, positive vibes! Make sure to check out both Bracewell + lounge and Finch Swimwear on instagram too!




Will talk to you all very soon…

Much love,

Chelsea xx


2 thoughts on “Seeking The Sun…

  1. thoughtfultash says:

    Love the bikini and how you styled it!! I’ve been following you on Instagram for AGES now, and I didn’t realise you had a wordpress blog! You’ve got a new follower, can’t wait for all your posts! -Tash x

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